Whilst sustainable transport provides some opportunities for travel – we know that for some people and some trips, the only realistic option is to travel by car.

Therefore, this website is aimed at providing a range of choices, whilst focussing upon sustainable travel where possible. We want to minimise unnecessary car trips and thereby free up space for those trips that have no alternative.

To the right you will find links to local traffic live updates and journey planners to ensure you choose the more direct and cost effective route for your journey.

There are lots of ways to travel by car in a more sustainable way, and save you money at the same time!!!

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Car Sharing

Drive into work alone? Think about it… if you shared the ride with just one other person you could half the costs of your petrol, parking and tunnel tolls.

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Eco Driving

Sometimes there’s just no alternative to the car….but there are ways to reduce the amount of money you spend driving …and you’ll be reducing your environmental impact too!!

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Local Taxi Services

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Route planner

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Traffic and travel news

For up to date news on roadworks, click here.

For live traffic information for the strategic road network, including motorways and major routes, click here.

Petrol prices

Find out current petrol prices from across the region, and find the cheapest:

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