Transport accounts for around one quarter of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions from the UK. From walking or cycling more to changing the way we drive, small changes made by all of us can help to make a big difference.

The use of sustainable travel options does however often lead to a much wider range of benefits than simply helping to reduce environmental impact. To the right is just a brief summary of some of the reasons we should all try and travel more sustainably when possible.

Story Homes are doing their bit to ensure that emissions caused by car trips to and from Story Homes are minimised. This website has been developed as part of a wider ‘travel plan’ strategy, aimed at making sure that wherever possible residents are able to make an informed travel choice. In addition to the promotion of all travel options Story Homes have made a sizeable financial contribution towards improvements to enhance the surrounding environment, including improved footway links and traffic calming on Moor Road, making walking and cycling more attractive options for residents.

Save Money

On average, 15% of household spending is on transport, almost as much as on food or housing. Most cars cost over £50 per week. Replacing car journeys, particularly short ones, with a journey on foot or on a bike, can therefore save a significant amount of money over the course of a year.

Live a healthier lifestyle

Regular walking or cycling makes you fitter – as fit as an average person 10 years younger. You don’t have to walk or cycle a long way to feel the benefits. A brisk one-mile walk in 20 minutes, say to the local shop and back, burns around 100 calories – as much as swimming for 10 minutes, playing football for 12 minutes or doing aerobics for 16 minutes.

Save Time

Traffic jams are common, and journey times are rising in urban areas. Britons spend an average of an hour a day travelling. For short journeys or in busy traffic simply walking or cycling around the corner can be much quicker than jumping in the car, finding somewhere to park, walking to the shop …. so why not give it a try.